Hip-Hop Rumors: More Beef For Rick Ross! And Jay-Z! And Rihanna!

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Man! A dude named Mark Dice comes along to join the Rick Ross diss train. I’m a bit curious why all these people are coming out against stuff Rick Ross said in 2010. I’m all for people having their own views and opinions, but why so late? Fishing for YouTube views on all those pre-roll ads? Just a thought. Dice pretty much goes after everybody. At the end of the page is another video of him going after Jay-Z. For the record, there’s a LOT of slander and libel in these videos and stuff that’s simply not true.

When ODB called himself Big Baby Jesus, I didn’t think it was so bad. Maybe, that’s because Ol Dirty was such a lovable, crazy dude. Fast forward like a decade and we are here in 2012, its not so easy to get away with this idea in any real way. Take the…

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