Pebbles (@pebbles2day) Suing Left-EYE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

by Breezy Says


If you’re like me, you watched the TLC and was outraged by some of the accounted business situations that occurred… Now, I wasn’t there and neither were you, so we can only go by what we saw and heard. Word is though, that Ms. Pebbles is still going after her coins owed by Left-Eye, YESSSSSSSSSSS you heard right. Pebbles was quoted “Just cuz she not here doesn’t mean she ain’t gotta pay what she owe; everybody pays what they owe. Ask TLC. I honestly thought of her as a little sister… a little sister that owes me money from 1992.” She doesn’t want to hear any ifs, ands, or buts…she’s not dropping the suit, she wants to be paid in full by the estate. Her final statement was: “TLC just did that BIG movie… Hell, they can pay! it’s just business”. OOPS! I can’t deal, either way, sounds like a whole lot of BAD BUSINESS went down. TLC was more than likely naive as hell and Pebbles was more than likely all about her ends.

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