What Ray J’s “I Put Her On” Album Will Sound Like

Damn Ray J….He Got Kim K Upset..LOL…KMSL!!!!

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(AllHipHop News) William Ray Norwood Jr. has been in the news almost ever year even whe he is not releasing music. Past events suggest he possesses no filter. He’s had physical altercations with Fabolous, radio tirades and of course, the sex tape scandal which elevated the stardom of the relatively unknown Kim Kardashian. Better known as Ray J, the singer/songwriter recently announced he’s releasing an album entitled I Put Her On with the single “I Hit It First” to be released on iTunes on April 9th.

A blind man in a dark room with soap in his eyes can see where this album is probably going so let’s venture into what Ray J’s new album will be…hypothetically.


Regular Bush

With a chorus consisting of “you only got that reggie bush” being screamed repeatedly from an autotuned Ray J, the crooner flips the name of one of Kim Kardashian’s former flames’…

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