Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Stole Ace Hood’s Style Part 2?

Niggas Stealing Rap Styles Now??? Apparently So..According To Ace Hood

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Well, the results are in and they are not diverse or surprising.

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These are based on emails and comments on this matter. Basically, Ace Hood didn’t say it, but everybody else is. Perhaps Meek Mill was influenced by the young Miami spitter a bit. BUT, here is the catch. I also got quite a few people that told me that Meek has been spitting like he’s spitting for a long time – before Ace Hood. So, maybe its the other way around? I know for a fact that Meek been doing his thing for a long time and bubbled to the top with Rick Ross. But, I remember when Meek was a dirty-looking kid on youtube spitting crazy. As for his style then? I don’t remember. Then he went to T.I. and now Rozay. The rap world is too small for this to pop…

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