This Some Ole B/S!!!

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I don’t know if this is a real epic win or not, but it seem to be a strong position being taken by EBAY. Spike Lee is redeemed!

Slave Dolls? Really? That’s where we are now?

Welp….here is what TMZ is saying about it.


TMZ Exclusive

‘Django Unchained’ — Slave Toys Banned from eBay

Don’t count on finding one of those discontinued “Django Unchained” slave toys on eBay any time soon — TMZ has learned, the action figures have now been banned from the auction website.

TMZ broke the story … the Weinstein Company (which produced the film) discontinued the promotional figurines in response to a massive backlash from several African-American advocacy groups.

After the toy company halted production, the toys began to pop up on eBay as “rare” collectibles … and bids skyrocketed.

But last night, all the listings for the “Django” toys were yanked from the website…

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