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I ain’t gonna lie. When I heard the Meek Mill diss by Cassidy, this is how I felt:

 Happy Birthday to the GIF: The Internet's Greatest Treasure Turns 25


Well…moving on…its all out there. First things first, Meek Mill responded to Cass, but he was quite dismissive of the “R.A.I.D.” song that some are saying ethered him. I’m not sure all that happened, but I will say this Cassidy did a song worthy of a response. Hip-Hop dudes that’s engaged in this battle sh*t duel to the death or til they get tired! Now, Meek saying that we gonna forget about Cass in a few days? Hmmmm…no, he’s quite remembered for his battles. Remember that Freeway battle? Anyway, I hope we can take it like we dish it, because this Hip-Hop, baby! I know Meek has a lot more to lose at this point. Hoping he decides to respond because Cass just upped the ante in a…

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