Hip-Hop Rumors: Mike Tyson Drops A Rumor Bomb!

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You would think we know it all about Mike Tyson, but no. Mike actually managed to unearth something we didn’t know.

For those of you that don’t know, Mike Tyson was once married to this woman.

Her name is Robin Givens and she has been regarded as a scarlet! She played Mike on national TV, but he was a pretty bad dude with her. Apparently, he was abusive has all get out. Anyway, Mike recently revealed he caught Brad Pitt in his bed with his then WIFE! Here is what he said to Yahoo Sports:

“I was doing a divorce but I—we—every day, before I would go to my lawyer’s office to say she’s a pig and stealing, I would go to…her house to have sex with her. This particular day, someone beat me to the punch. And I guess Brad got there earlier than I did.”

“I was mad…

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