Hip-Hop Rumors: Is There A Hip-Hop Gay Wedding On The Way? Frank Ocean Contemplating Marriage?

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Frank Ocean has posted some photos onto his Twitter hugging a male French model who many are claiming is his current boyfriend. Frank’s long-haired, alleged boo goes by the name Willy Cartier, and he is the current the modeling “it boy” in France. Check out the photo that Frank posted below:

Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier

Willy Cartier is French, and judging from Frank Ocean’s latest tweet, it seems as if marriage may be on his mind. Check out the tweet below:

Frank Ocean tweet

Hmmm, now I don’t know for sure if this tweet is about Willy or gay marriage, but it sure does seem like it is. No word on whether or not this is the guy that Frank sings about in his album, Channel Orange, but Willy seems to already be a muse in Frank’s life. Frank has not been shy about his alleged relationship with Willy, and has already posted tons of photos of…

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