Flavor of Love Deelishis Say’s She Was Rape; Her Husband Says She Led Her Accuser On!

Say what?

Flavor of Love reality star, Deelishis recently interviewed with Sister 2 Sister’s Jamie Foster brown where she openly reveals dating a man 10 years her senior when she was just 18 years old and being raped shortly after the romance began.

But the shocking part of the interview is when Deelishis husband, Orlando Gordon decided to chime in on the conversation saying “you led that man on ” while Deelishis explained details of the crime.

Deelishi quickly rebutted affirming that the word ‘no’ means ‘no’, no matter when a woman decides to change her mind. The two got into a heated debate over the discussion as Jamie sat quietly shocked by it all.

What’s wrong with this picture!! You husband should always stand on the affirmative of his wife and Gordon should’ve at least pretended to do so in front of the cameras at least. DAMN!! That says alot about the type of husband Deelishi has and it speaks highly of his moral and values as a man. NO WOMAN DESERVES TO BE RAPED, PERIOD!!

Watch the full interview at the link below:


Don’t expect an interview from Deelishis or her husand anytime soon because Gordon is currently behind bars on drug charges.

Gordon is an accused drug dealer, allegedly involved with a high profile drug trafficking ring in which he supposedly heads with a second man, Wendell Tobias of Detroit.
“This was a major drug trafficking organization that distributed cocaine and marijuana throughout the region,” U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Rich Isaacson said.Investigators have spend five years on this particular case, rounding up more than $1 million in cash, classic cars, and more than $130,000 in jewelry.

SMH Folks!!

Read More At:  www.thatplum.com


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