The K. Michelle and Toya Beef Escalates on Twitter and Instagram

K. Michelle’s revelation of her abusive relationship with ex boyfriend Memphitz continues to be a sour spot for Toya, as she keeps taking shots at the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star on a daily basis lately.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The K. Michelle and Memphitz drama continues. Ever since K. Michelle made an explosive allegation on the first episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta that painted Memphitz as her abuser that she’s been talking about for the last couple of years in interviews, the urban gossip blogs have been flooded with new updates and shots fired by both parties on a daily basis. But it was only a matter of time before the K. Michelle and Toya beef got even more noticeable. Although Memphitz hasn’t made an official statement about the incident or given any interviews regarding the controversy, he’s been quite immature on the social networks, while he attempts to dismiss the allegations. His wife Toya has now decided she would no longer be silent, and she has proven herself to be just as immature about the subject as her hubby.

A day after Memphitz decided to drag K. Michelle this time verbally on Instagram by reminding her what he did andpurchased with her money (he made her, remember?), his wife decided to follow suit and also labeled K. Michelle as a crazed stalker and jealous ex girlfriend on Instagram:

While the jury is still out on who is telling the truth ( I guess), it’s not a good look for the man who’s accused of abusing a woman and his wife to get on Instagram and attempt to humiliate her on a daily basis. Something as simple as a lawsuit would have been more effective in proving Memphitz’s innocence.


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