K. Michelle to Toya: You Don’t Want To F-ck With Me

K. Michelle revealing that Memphitz was her abusive ex-boyfriend on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ignited The K. Michelle Toya beefmaking it one of the season premiere’s highlight moments. As the K. Michelle Tamar Braxton Twitter beef has simmered even after Tamar allegedly hit K. Michelle with Cease and Desist papers for calling her a muppet and warning Tamar that they “jump gates” where she is from. However, the one her and Toya have going seems not to be dead just yet. K. Michelle’s mixtape, 0 F-cks Given just recently dropped and is getting much play on the Internet. And there is one track in particular on the mixtape where the R. Kelly protégé appears to be going in on Memphitz and Toya.

Peep this verse from the song “Go Off” where she took a lyrical swing at Memphitz for dragging her on Instagram, claiming that he purchased several of her body parts:

“Think you bossin’ ‘cause you bought some t-tties and some teeth. God made me you just a trick that upgraded me. ‘Cause you can lie on every radio and sh-t but your karma ain’t gone let you get away with it”

And then she gets at Toya:

“So tell your b-tch stop talking ‘bout sh-t she ain’t seen. I don’t mean no disrespect but she don’t wanna f-ck with me”

K. Michelle already told Tamar to stay in her lane and mind her business. Now Toya is next in line. One thing’s for sure, this feisty songbird is not opposed to card pulling and slaughtering people on tracks for dissing her.



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