K. Michelle Responds To Toya Wright’s Schizophrenic Claims It Never Ends…

Love & Hip-Hop’s K. Michelle has responded to allegations made by her rival Toya Wright that she is suffering from schizophrenia.

Toya slammed K. Michelle in a recent interview when trying to defend her husband Memphitz over claims she made accusing him of abusing her while they were dating. Toya may have taken it too far as she went on to claim that K. Michelle was actually suffering from a mental illness and even had her young son taken away from her by the child protection services.

K. Michelle has now hit back at Toya’s accusations via Twitter, saying: “Damn, I better take these pills for schizophrenia before Thegovernment come and take my child that I just dropped off at school Monday,” K. Michelle wrote.

“It’s sad when people resort to trying to hurt others to keep a public image. God Bless Them.”

“Damn I wonder if I’m crazy enough to get some medicine and a check. I don’t turn down no checks. We cashing out. #Balling hahahaha.”

This is one drama that doesn’t seem to end!


Read More At: http://www.taletela.com


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