Hip-Hop Rumors: Bow Wow’s Dad Writes A Long, Sad Letter

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Does it get any sadder than this? The answer is no. I have no idea what Bow Wow has said about his father in song or otherwise, but it has prompted his daddy to write a letter through the internet. Seems like VIBE interviewed Bow Weezy and the lil fellow licked a couple shots at pops. No bueno. So, his father decided to do what a lot of people do these days….take it to the NET! (I just read saw some of the videos and, I agree with pops. Looks to me like Bow Wow is trying to paint a picture.)

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 A Letter To My Son Shad (Bow Wow)

I guess the only way you want to communicate with me is
through the media. I recently read your article in Vibe and I felt like I
needed to contact you.

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