Daily Word: Love More, Fear Less!!

Great Word For The Day!!

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Happy Wins-Day, my Victors of Life!

Welcome to the day that you begin to decide which way you really want your life to go! Love or Fear? In life, those are the only two emotions in which every single decision is based! When you are not doing what you ought to be doing, it is merely based on a fear that has overcome your will!

Fear is what you’ve learned, Love is what you’re born with! Fear is a liar, Love is your Truth! Fear has lack, Love is abundant! Fear is selfish, Love gives back! Fear is at the very essence of what is stopping your from getting what you want out of life! It is impossible for Love and Fear
to occupy the same space!

Make sure in every decision you make, you are making it out of love! Forget fear!! Fear steals more dreams than an alarm…

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