Real Or Fake: Lil’ Scrappy Says Producers Staged Confrontation With Stevie J. And Joseline

Lil’ Scrappy says that the Love and Hip Hop Producers got him drunk before he was filmed confronting former Bad Boy producer Stevie J. on an episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

By: A.J. Niles

Vh-1′s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has received an avalanche of interest in its cast. Viewers watched the premiere episode in droves and then sought out the internet to learn the identity of K. Michelle’s ex-boyfriend, the true gender of Joseline Hernandez and whether or not Joseline was indeed arrested for prostitution. We also learned that Momma Dee was not too happy about Lil Scrappy and Diamond Dating. Last but not least, we learned that Stevie J. and Mimi have a very disturbing relationship that involves too much loyalty at the hands of Mimi Faust.

In an explosive revelation from Lil’ Scrappy during his interview with the Breakfast Club on 105.1 FM, where he also spoke about dating Diamond from Crime Mob, he revealed that the producers for the show had him under the influence of alcohol before his confrontation with Stevie J. and Joseline, which will air in the third episode.

“Let me tell you about the specific things that happened that night. First I’m doin’ the green screen [scene]. But then they get me drunk, ya feel me. So I’m doin’ my thing, gettin turned up and then they [the producers] said, ‘Scrappy, you gotta scene. Remember, Stevie J. called [Erica a b**ch]. So I’m like alright, cool.

So we get over there, and my baby mama pulls up… I try to stay within my character. I can’t get out of my character; I got papers so i can’t get in trouble but as y’all gon’ see, they put me outside my character. When they put me outside my character, it’s ova wit.”

Although an altercation occurred between he and Stevie J., no one punched or struck him.

Lil’ Scrappy does nothing to fan down rumors of cast mate Joseline Hernandez being born a man, recalling an encounter after the incident with Stevie J. in a gym and compares her weight lifting abilities to those of professional wrestlers.

“I was in the gym one day workin’ out and it walked by. I didn’t know what it was but at an angle, it was… Rick Flair.”

“I ask who is that?! They say it’s Shay [Joseline]; they used her stripper name. She tryna be some island rapper and she supposed to be on Vh-1. I was like ‘Oh! That’s her.’”

Joseline fought those rumors by releasing a fully nude photo of herself a few weeks ago on her Twitter account.


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