Did He Win? Joseline Hernandez’s Abortion Leads to a Club Attack and Beatdown…Onlookers Say She Striked First

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez was attacked last night in a night club. She just can’t be great and enjoy her new-found stardom as the leading female cast-member on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Especially since she’s still hanging around in Atlanta and the ratchet nightclubs with NO security or bodyguards. Last night, it was reported by ATL blogger Freddyo that Joseline Hernandez was attacked and beat up last night in a nightclub. This would have been a bigger problem if Joseline Hernandez was pregnant, but as we reported here first, she is not since she caved into Stevie J’s request to get an abortion. It seems like most of Atlanta must know of this now, since Joseline Hernandez was attacked by a fan who wasn’t too happy the star got an abortion. Between the Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. fight and sloppy Twitter beefs, it seems like liquor and night clubs aren’t a good combination for Joseline and Stevie J. these days.

Here’s what FreddyO originally reported a little after midnight, the time the incident occurred:

On the evening after episode 3 aired of VH1′s “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”, one of the controversial cast mates, Joseline Hernandez got hit in the face by a fan who was asking questions. Although I did not get to talk to Joseline, I was told that she was hurt badly and blood was running down her face as she got into a car. The woman who hit her told me that:

“This is some bull….I am so tired of telling people what happened…My friend asked her Joseline “why would you get rid of the baby her and stevie J” had made…She then brushed my friend off (the chick was every NYC hood type) so my friend hit her. I mean, you can’t just brush people off in the club and think it’s cool. Now she’s telling people that my friend hit her with a bottle and that’s not true.” After speaking with the friend’s alleged attacker, I asked one of the other people who broke up the fight what happened. She said ” It was crazy; things just got popping and it looked like Joseline was scratched in the face , but the club was dark so it was hard to see.”

Of course, the onlookers took to their Twitter account to give a different sideof what they saw happened between Joseline and the “fan.” They insist Joseline started the fight by pushing the fan first:

Interestingly enough, this is supposedly not the first time Joseline has been attacked while partaking in the Atlanta Nightlife. As sad as this sounds, I’m not sure what else needs to happen to any of the cast-members before they learn that you can’t even be “semi” famous in Atlanta and hang out in the clubs without security. Seems like Atlanta chicks and has been rappers just love to hit folks in the head with bottles, even the cheap kind.

It’s sad that people take what they see on reality television to heart, especially when most of it is scripted anyway.


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