Lil Wayne To Release The Carter V Next Yr!!!

via. Global Grind- Never one to disappoint his fans, this weekend Lil Wayne did a live online chat with the lucky few that managed to snag a spot and answered about forty questions.

NEW MUSIC: Birdman Feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj “Born Stunna (Remix)”

Most of the questions were about Weezy’s interest in skating and compliments about his music, but a smart fan asked the one question we’ve all been dying to know.

Jake Knudsen (Shelton, Washington): Hey weezy what is your favorite thing about xgames and when is carter 5 coming out

Weezy: X Games is a higher level of competition- I’ve been to a few other contests and this one is the best. Carter 5 will come most likely next year.

That wasn’t the only gem that came out of the Q&A, there may be more Eminem collabs coming soon too!



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