Lil Scrappy: Rapper Diamond Really Broke My Heart

Rapper Lil’ Scrappy talks about his relationship with former Crime Mob member Diamond and how the  break-up took a toll on him.

Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating in the past has been one of the recurring storylines in Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. The Prince of Crunk Lil’ Scrappy has taken a detour from the rap game momentarily and is now starring in the VH1 reality TV show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars alongside his mother and baby’s mama.  Momma Dee may not have been a fan of Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating, but it appears that Scrappy wants to work things out with former girlfriend Erica Dixon, the split between Lil Scrappy and Diamond resurfaced on Monday night’s episode of the show, almost setting Momma Dee off like a ticking time bomb. So far, Scrappy and his mama are on the same page when it comes to patching things up with Erica, which also sets the stage for the Lil Scrappy Stevie J. fight in the second episode. However that still doesn’t keep him from revisiting what went down with his ex-girlfriend Diamond.

After her and Scrappy were no more, Diamond found a new love in Rapper Soulja Boy. And once that  piece of info was released to the public, people were looking for Scrappy’s reaction to the union. He claims that he had no animosity towards Soulja Boy for wifing up his old chick. But he admitted to MTV News’ Sway in the Morning that Diamond had his nose wide open but he learned a lot from what they had:

“When that Diamond situation happened, it just taught me a real valuable lesson, ’cause I know, as I can see, I’m not a good judge of character,”

He says that Diamond was the first woman to ever break him down like that and that he even put her before the one who is truly responsible for his success as a rapper:

“I ain’t never had my little heart broken before, but now that it happened, I don’t think it would happen for a long time,” “But the good side about that is, you don’t put nobody before God, don’t ever put nobody before God, and I think I did a little bit of that trying to help her.”

Word is that Scrappy put a lot of his time and efforts into helping Diamond reach her stardom and really considered her not just his girl but his homie too:

“That’s my best friend, man; I don’t have no real friends like that,” “[She’s] the only one I can talk to before I go to sleep…”

Wonder if Diamond will be next in line to speak out about her and Scrappy’s past and Momma Dee’s regrets about not pimpin’ her out for money…

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