Is Joseline Really Preggo??

Is Joseline Hernandez pregnant? We think we may know the answer. But let’s examine the facts first. In the first episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we were introduced to a feisty latina rapper who engaged in an affair with producer Stevie J. This posed as an immediate problem because Stevie J. and Mimi are in a serious relationship that resulted in a daughter. Stevie J. and Mimi have been on and off for years. But in the first episode, Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez denied sleeping together.

Something is not adding up.

Lets look at some things that have happened surrounding Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in the second episode:

1: Joseline approached Stevie J. with a positive pregnancy test. If they were not sexually involved with one another, why would she approach him with such a revelation? The truth: these two were obviously bumping uglies and Joseline took advantage of Stevie J’s whoredom status in the industry to advance her non-existent career. Joseline is a former stripper and prostitute who wants to give up the booty clubs and posing on the street corners.

2. Is Joseline pregnant now? Nope. How do we know? At the premiere showing at Frank Ski’s in Atlanta, Georgia, she argued with comedienne Cadillac Kimberly and the confrontation got ugly real quick. When Cadillac Kimberly asked if Joseline was a transgendered woman, things got heated. This is when Joseline proudly stated that she had been pregnant, indicating that she is no longer pregnant since the airing of the show. Rumors in the A suggest Stevie J. eventually convinced Joseline to get an abortion and he pays for it too. This could also be why Stevie J. and Mimi are no longer together. Yes, no longer together. But we’re sure that will come out later in the season.



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