Joseline Hernandez wants you to know that he………

…doesn’t care what you think.

In an effort to cover up his past (as a man), Joseline Hernandez’s friends have launched a campaign to prove he is a biological woman. The friends are emailing blogs (including mine) offering altered “Yearbook” photos of Joseline as a young boy wearing a dress. Um, it doesn’t take a ton of expertise to fake a yearbook photo.

Anyway, several loyal readers emailed me pics of Joseline as her strip club persona, Shenellica Bettencourt.

Apparently Jose was good enough to fool the King of Diamonds and Gentlemen’s strip clubs in Miami.

Even after the surgeries and hormone shots, his body is still quite manly. It’s interesting to see all the “men” who are following MsJoseline on I bet these same “men” love to bend over and get their prostates tickled by their women.

The following photos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK!


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