Is You HE Is Or Is SHE Aint???? Is This Enough Evidence That Joseline Is A Woman??

Well Joseline Hernandez must’ve gotten tired of people questioning her STRONG features, so what does she do? GOES FULL MONTY to prove her point! See her nude photo here:

Joseline has to be the most RATCHET cast member to hit VH1 Reality circuit since Big Ang of Mob Wives. From the moment she opened her mouth and pronounced fur as “Furer” I immediately dropped my drink on the floor and threw my hands up in the air (waving them like I just don’t care!).

However the one thing everyone couldn’t stop talking about was Joseline’s sexuality. I must admit this woman is kind of STRONG in the face, but I reserved judgment. I mean if she is, to each his own.

So in an effort to shut up the HATERS, Joseline decide to give the world a FULL VIEW of her assets!

Here were her Tweets (Reactions included)

I don’t know what that brown area is between her thighs but I’ll assume that’s a vagina. For many, this may not be enough evidence, but it is what it is.

Maino even got in on the fun, calling Stevie J a “Butt Boy”

Atlanta is clearing LOSING with this show, mainly because there are no prominent figures of Hip-Hop within this show. However there is enough RATCHETNESS to keep the show afloat.

I’ll be staying tuned to watch the drama!

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