UPDATE On Chris Brown vs. Drake Fight: Before Brawl, Breezy Talked About Hip-Hop Cred

Right before the Chris Brown vs. Drake fight erupted in an NYC nightclub over a week ago, Breezy spoke to MTV about working with Lil Wayne. He also talked about how his hit song, “Look At Me Now,” gave him hip-hop cred.

According to a new MTV News article, Brown visited MTV Newsroom last week. His visit, which included him talking about the song “Look At Me Now,” came just hours before the infamous W.i.P club brawl involving Drake, and members of the two hip hop stars’ entourages. Brown said of his previous hit song:

“I didn’t sing on the record at all. It just was a rap song. So I was like, ‘Cool, if they going with it, I’m gonna keep going.'”

MTV notes that Brown continued with his rapping, by dropping freestyles after “Look At Me Now.” He’s also got a brand new song on his upcoming album “Fortune,” called “Till I Die,” which has Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa, along with Breezy rapping.

Brown also added during his interview that he isn’t planning to make rap his genre anytime soon, but will use it when necessary.

“With the hip-hop and the rapping, it’s more of — I wouldn’t say [a] hobby — it’s just me expressing myself.

“I’m not going to sit here and say I’m the best rapper or I’m a rapper,” he added with a big smile. “I’m just saying I could do it, I guess, if y’all like it.”

The irony here is that Chris Brown and Drake basically delve into one another’s genres. Breezy has been known as both an R&B star/rapper, while Drake has been one of the more popular R&B stars in hip hop. Both have been featured quite often on other hip hop stars’ records. So the question to pose is, who’s the better rapper, and who’s the better singer of these two?


2 thoughts on “UPDATE On Chris Brown vs. Drake Fight: Before Brawl, Breezy Talked About Hip-Hop Cred

  1. I personally think that the media is hyping all this BS more than necessary..who cares if C.Brown is rapping now?! Let the man make money the way he wants, if his fans like it then let him be. As for Drake, hell let him continue to make music the way he’s doing it. The world would be soooo much better if people just minded their own damn business.

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